Toilet Design

One of the most important fixtures in your home is your toilet and when it comes to toilets.. one size doesn’t fit all.

Toilet designs are configured in one or two pieces. One-piece toilets have the integrated tank and bowl; eliminating the hassle of having to clean the pesky part that always gets dirty over time. The one-piece toilets look cleaner and more modern for your bathroom.

Heights may also vary depending on brand and style. A standard toilet height is around 14.5″ from the floor to the rim of the bowl. Other heights include 16 1/8″, 17″ and 19″, which comply with requirements of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

Are you looking for that something extra? Opt for a toilet with an automatic toilet seat, heated seat or wall mounted. When it comes to installation, look no further than Parrett Plumbing. Our team of professionals are trained, insured and can install your new fixture with ease. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment!