Tips for Choosing a Kitchen Faucet

Your kitchen faucet should be one of the focal points of your kitchen; although it’s basic function is to simply dispense hot and cold water. It defines your kitchen style.

There are so many different styles to choose from; it would that it is a never-ending list! It can be a bit overwhelming; here some basic things to consider:

  • Finish Type: Chrome, nickel, brushed nickel, polished brass, oil-rubbed bronze, white, black and stainless steel are just some of the standard finishes and colors. Keep in mind that finishes from different manufacturers may not be exactly the same; you may want purchase any accessories such as a hand spray or soap dispenser from the same collection to ensure a good match.
  • Compatibility: Not every kitchen sink and faucet is compatible. Will you be utilizing your existing sink? How many holes does it have? One? Two? Three or even four? If you are replacing your faucet with one that requires less holes than the old one- well that’s an easy fix! Just look for faucets that come with an escutcheon plate.
  • Faucet Mounting: A deck mounted faucet mounts directly to the countertop and not the sink. Keep in mind that when installing a deck-mounted faucet; make sure to allow more than a finger’s width behind the faucet for easy cleaning.
  • Controls: Do you like faucets with separate knobs for hot and cold water or a single hand control? Single-handed faucets rotate, the flow is controlled by an up and down motion, the temperature is controlled by moving left to right motion. The double-handed faucets are generally more popular, although many are choosing the single-handed faucets when updating.

Do you have a more modern sleek clean line home or one that is more laid bad in its style? The options are endless; keep in mind this one item will transform your kitchen into whatever direction you want it to go!

Do you need help choosing the faucet that’s right for you? Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to assist you!