Luxury Walk-in Showers of 2019

2019 design trends for bathrooms are in full swing, including bold colors such as black, dark blue, or white – but what about your shower? Your shower or tub should be a place for you to relax after a long day’s work.

Large Shower: Increase the size of the space with a large walk-in shower, while will maintaining functionality. Escape from the hustle of daily life by a warm shower.

Doorless: Doorless showers are frameless and allow the glass to disappear into your space. Sometimes referred to as a “Wet Room”, this type of shower will highlight beautiful fixtures, tile work and spa-like design.

Fixtures: Kick your shower up a notch by installing a large rain shower heads or shower panels with jet sprays. The options are endless, including the number of jets, finish, or color.

In addition to the interior design of your bathroom, make an impact with a luxurious shower design. For shower plumbing services in Fort Walton Beach and surrounding areas, look no further than Parrett Plumbing. Our professionalism and experience set us apart from competitors. Call us today.