Germs, Germs, and more Germs!

Are you a clean freak? These places that will be mentioned in this blog are some of the worst places in your home for germs to thrive in! Germs don’t only reside around your toilet!

Fridge Seals

Now we all try our best to keep inside or fridges – but do you ever clean the seal around the doors? The seals can harbor thousands of germs and bacteria! You should wipe them down once a week in order to avoid the spread.

Reusable Plastic Bags

To prevent cross contamination- wipe the bags with a paper towel using an all-purpose cleaner. Dry the bags- reuse the bags. Save the environment!

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards that are used for multiple food products are a melting pot for a vast variety of germs! One idea is to use a different color board for veggies (green), chicken (yellow), other meats (red) and bread (tan). These should all be washed and disinfected with an all-purpose cleaner after each use.

Treat your friends by entertaining with a bottle of wine and cheeses served on a nifty cheese board! You’ll be the hostess with the mostest (germ free cutting boards)!

Washing Machine

It’s of no surprise that our washing machines are loaded with germs and bacteria! Just think of all the gross, stinky, dirty items we shove them on a daily basis! The clothes come out smelling fresh- but if you don’t treat your washer right – that freshness will begin to stink after a while!

Wash clothes that are your dirtiest on a higher temperature than those that are not quite so grimy.

Wipe down the basin once a week with a ten percent solution of bleach water or vinegar. Leave the door open between washes – give your washer some air!