Faucet Repairs & Replacement

Leaky faucets aren’t just annoying, they are wasteful and can increase water bills. If you see water dripping out of your faucet after it’s turned off, or you think you may have an internal leak due to a growing utility bill, Parrett Plumbing’s professional technicians can help identify and solve your plumbing issues quickly and efficiently.

According to the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, household leaks can waste more than one trillion gallons of water annually nationwide. Parrett Plumbing can check your home for leaks while also identifying preventative measures you can take to prevent future plumbing mishaps.

faucet repair and replacement

We have plumbers available to serve Fort Walton Beach and surrounding areas. Our reliable and personable plumbers show up on time and provide customers with quality work. Contact us today at (850) 243-9511 if you’re in need of faucet repair or replacement.